The «Compagnia degli Sbuffi» founded by Aldo de Martino and Violetta Ercolano has been operating since 1985 in Castellammare di Stabia (Napoli - Italia)
So far it has staged about fifteen productions of Puppets Theatre presented in the most important festival and theatrical exhibitions all over Italy.

Its productions want not only to elaborate traditional materials but also to renew theatrical themes and poetics for children. From the very beginning of its activity the «Compagnia degli Sbuffi» has worked in the field of theatrical animation not only by means of team works for children but also with refresher courses for teachers.

The «Compagnia degli Sbuffi» is a member of the UNIMA / Italia and ATF/AGIS and works intensively in the field of the advancement of the theatre of animation by means of ehxibitions, meeting, courses and publications. It has organized «Burattini nel verde» an international festival of the Puppets Theatre at Castellammare di Stabia since 1990. It cooperates in the realization of the theatrical exhibition/School «Orizzonti Teatro» and it provides the artistic supervision of the International Festival of the Theatre on the Road «Giullarte», on behalf of the Town Admistration of Atripalda (Avellino)

In 1997 it was acknowledged as a Centre of Puppets Theatre of National Importance by the Presidency of the Cabinet Arts Departiment.