La Bottega di Mangiafuoco

The «Bottega di Mangiafuoco» is an impromptu team-group involved in the construction of living puppets and marionettes by means of different techniques.
Our lab is aimed at children and at those that want to play with their creativity and inventiveness.
During the meeting the available materials will be numerous such as sponges, clothes, wools, plastic containers, thin posteboard, buttons, plugs, little balls, socks and so on.
The children will have to find witches, dragons, real and imaginary characters and other heroes in the simple forms of the obyects. It will all take place in a cheerful and merry atmosphere and under the «Compagnia degli Sbuffi» animators’ guidance.
The play continues after the meeting because every child will take home not only his puppet but also his will to find out the characters hidden in familiar objects.

Among the different tecniques of construction of the puppets the Compagnia degli Sbuffi has chosen one which uses materials of easy availability so the child can find them at his own home without difficulty. In this way he’ ll enjoy himself by means of the construction of his toy. The «Bottega di Mangiafuoco» is an occasion to play in groups with children and adults. Not only are comunication and cooperation incouraged, but also, through manual activities, creativity imagination and observation. The setting up requires coloured stands equipped whit working- tables and all necessary materials. Every meeting lasts about two hours; it is realizable preferably in the open air but it can be done indoors.


To-day is a day of joy...glue, scissors, brushes, colours, clothes, needles, cotton, paper, sponge, wood, nails, hammer, pencils...fantasy...children...boys...adults!!

In unforgettable occasion to create a parade with a big puppet made of sponge. It is a team-work for children and boys from eight to twelve years old, a different way to stay together in historic centers, traffic island, towns.
The «Grande Parata» is a show and an activity of animation which the «Compagnia degli Sbuffi» has realized in hundreds of team-works in schools, festivals, towns in summertime and in winter to live the town in an alternative and slightly crazy way.
The «Grande Parata» is a pretex to hold together the children on a project in which every child plays a fundamental part.
The involvement of the whole town represents the target of the parade.